Beach Park Gate House:  (239) 649-8231
Park Shore beach/park rules are for your comfort, safety and pleasure.  If you do not observe these rules, the guards may ask you to surrender your pass.  Please cooperate.

1. No admittance without your valid Park Shore Pass.  

A. In your car.

B. On your bike.

C. On your person.  

2. No Pets.

3. No fires, cooking, or camping.  

4. No boats, skateboards, roller skates or roller blading.  

5.   No buses, campers, or trailers.  

6.   Place bikes in the bike rack.  They are illegal on the park paths and beach walk.  

7.   Keep your car locked, with valuables in the trunk.  

8.   Deposit all trash in the containers.  

9.   Open dawn to 10:00 P.M.  

10. The security gate at the entrance to the Park Shore Beach and Park is shared with the adjacent condominium owners.  There are two lanes as you approach the gates.  The left hand lane is for Park Shore residents.  The right hand lane is for the condo residents only so that they are not delayed as the guards admit cars going to the beach.  Please observe this rule.  The condo guards control public access to our Beach Park as a courtesy to our Association and our members should return the courtesy by observing condo traffic flow rules.  

11.  The sidewalk from the parking lot through the Park provides access to the beach.  The sidewalk running north and south is owned and maintained by the condominium residents abutting the sidewalk and only those owners are permitted to use it.

12. Private Events:  The Park Shore Association Beach Park is for enjoyment of all members and as such private events held at the Park should be small in number (less than 20 people), hosted by a member, not interfere with others using the park and not require any outside equipment (tents, caterers, grills, music, etc.).  The Park Shore Association Executive Director should be notified two (2) weeks in advance of a private event.

13.   The Park Shore Association Beach Park was donated to the Park Shore Association by the Lutgert family in 1978. In 2011, the sculpture “Aspiration” by Raymond Lutgert was also given. These gifts were made so that the residents of Park Shore could enjoy a special quiet place on the Park Shore beach. Commercial activity of any kind would not be compatible with the intended use of the park and is therefore explicitly prohibited.

For lost membership beach pass cards, please contact the membership director for replacement cards.  Replacement cards cost $100.


For illness, injury or vandalism, notify security at LaMer Building, or at front gate.  First aid kit available at front gate.

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